Lead Participant: Claylite Aggregates Limited


The construction industry faces a major challenge in meeting current and future sustainability targets. Claylite Aggregates, in collaboration with construction leaders Laing O’Rourke and academic partner Imperial College London, have successfully completed a TSB funded 3-year investigation into the development of novel and sustainable lightweight aggregates that address this challenge. The resource efficient product is made from various wastes, which comprise up to 98 percent by weight of the aggregate. It is manufactured at a temperature 400 degrees celsius lower than similar products, reducing energy requirements. As a result the product has market leading characteristics in terms of density, strength and water absorption. Importantly for a product based on waste streams, the investigation has confirmed that “the mixture of recycled materials is totally transformed… into a new material”. Testing has demonstrated that the usual properties associated with structural lightweight aggregate and concrete, including insulating characteristics, are capable of being delivered. Strategic partnerships are now being developed as the partners move towards commercialisation.

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Claylite Aggregates Limited, WORKSOP
Imperial College London, United Kingdom £256,318 £ 256,318
Laing O'rourke Plc., DARTFORD £129,681 £ 58,344




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