Clean Futures



The aim of Clean Futures (CF) is to develop the West Midland's innovation ecosystem and drive economic growth by developing a two-year programme that will engage with industry and address the route to market challenge faced by SMEs in the transport sector.

CF will support the transition of manufacturing capability and associated supply chains from fossil-fuelled transport products to clean-tech transport. The programme will focus on 40 SMEs who may be in existing supply chains or may be looking to move into new market sectors. Our aim is to support the selected SMEs to transition, develop and demonstrate clean tech transport solutions to Tier 1 and OEMs.

CF is a collaborative project bringing together Connected Places Catapult, the Black Country Innovative Manufacturing Organisation, Coventry University and CU Services Limited, as well as a number of partners from the wider ecosystem who can support the development of a cluster of exciting innovating SMEs and a strong community of interest including industry, government and investors.

By bringing together this West Midlands innovation community, CF will drive jobs and growth through bringing innovation investors, buyers and suppliers together to tackle the challenges of clean transport.

CF will work with industry partners to scope challenges, defining areas in which accelerating product development will make a difference to the industry. We will run competitions to attract companies with existing mid-development projects and select from them two dual cohorts in each year. Ten SMEs will work with each institution each year, providing focussed support for 40 SMEs in total. They will receive technological and development help for their products and benefit from business support teams to ensure they fully understand the markets for the products and are ready for investment to commercialise at the end of their assistance. Each cohort will close with a demonstration day, showcasing the technology and connecting with industry and financial partners.

CF will provide a foundation for sustainability through the CF Academy, bringing together the wider West Midlands innovation community, to support longer-term sustainability and benefits.

CF will drive impacts in the local economy by creating jobs, supporting the route to market for new products and services and encouraging local and inward investment in innovations that will transform clean transport in the region.

Lead Participant

Project Cost

Grant Offer

CONNECTED PLACES CATAPULT £3,632,479 £ 3,632,479


COVENTRY UNIVERSITY £1,173,813 £ 1,173,813
CU SERVICES LIMITED £963,322 £ 674,325


10 25 50