Combining Cell Lineages for Enhanced Joint Tissue Regeneration

Lead Participant: Tigenix Limited


This project was aimed at establishing proof of concept in orthopaedic applications of a novel, three-dimensional co-culture technology based on the use of a tissue-specific, three-dimensional biomaterials scaffold technology in combination with biologics. This platform is based on the culture of mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) concurrently with autologous monocytes in matrices. The technique holds strong potential to enhance, in a cost-effective manner, the number and tissue-specific activity of MSCs available for treatment and the ability to deliver these treatments to specific sites in a minimally invasive manner. The remit of this project was to conduct lab-based in-vitro studes to develop and optimise the platform for a broad range of orthopaedic applications. The results were tested subsequently to establish proof of concept by applying the platform to in vivo models for the repair of articular cartilage.

Lead Participant

Project Cost

Grant Offer

Tigenix Limited, Cambridge £359,387 £ 210,000


Devro Plc £50,135
University of Cambridge, United Kingdom £395,657 £ 395,657


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