Interactive Components (ICOMP) - Embedded sensors and RFID tags for through life part identification and data gathering

Lead Participant: Agustawestland Limited


The project will enhance the ability in the construction and rotary wing aerospace sectors to gather data on location, identity, status and operating conditions of a component. This will be done by packaging and trialling a passive but smart RFID prototype sensor embedded within high value components to collect and update key data throughout the component's life from manufacture to disposal. In both sectors, effective electronic data acquisition offers major commercial and sustainability benefits from improved identification, tracking, monitoring and maintenance of parts. However, complex and harsh environmental conditions, notably long component lives, ownership changes, and exposure to high vibration, has limited uptake in both sectors. By addressing both sectors in parallel, benefits will arise via technology transfer and reduced development costs, allowing a ROI in under 8 years.

Lead Participant

Project Cost

Grant Offer

Agustawestland Limited, SOMERSET £952,602 £ 474,320


Building Research Establishment Limited, Watford, United Kingdom £803,920 £ 384,363
Ttp Plc, ROYSTON £104,167 £ 52,000


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