SMART-HIP: Smart Bioactive Nonocomposite Coatings for Enhanced Hip Replacement


Metal on metal prostheses are currently an exciting new area for resurfacing and total hip replacements, reducing problems of osteolysis associated with standard metal on polymer prostheses. However, problems have been identified related to the biological response to the metal particles and metal ion release. The objective of this project is to develop and test the properties of new nanocomposite, wear and ion release resistant PVD coatings, to meet the rigorous demands of the hip joint application. Performance will be assessed on a hip wear simulator to evaluate the longevity of the surface modifications, whilst the nanoparticles generated will be evaluated using state-of-the-art analytical methods. In addition to reducing wear and ion release, the coatings will be designed to offer novel multifunctional benefits of self-lubrication, antimicrobial properties & improved bedding in of bearing surfaces.




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