Conformal Printing of Electronics


Direct Write (DW) is primarily an additive process where functional materials are directly imaged onto substrates to form components with no waste or processing chemicals. DW methods are environmentally friendly, energy efficient and have a small process footprint. The aim of COPE is to take DW technology from Proof of Concept (PoC) to robustly engineered preproduction level demonstration, focussing on adding functionality to structures using inkjet and micro-nozzle techniques with highly engineered functional inks. The project will address issues such as design, manufacturing, cost, durability, product certification and through life management that includes recycling and disposal. The challenge is to mature DW technology so that it meets current functional and durability standards. PoC components can be manufactured, however it has been shown that the level of function is relatively low and more importantly that lifetime can be very short. This project will develop the basic capability toolset to convert highly engineered functional nanoparticulate powders into robust engineered products.




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