Low Cost Durable Thermoplastic Hydrogen Storage Tanks (DuraStor)


The objective of this project is to develop a novel, low cost, high pressure (350-700bar) gaseous hydrogen storage vessel for the automotive and industrial markets. This tank aims to offer significantly improved fatigue performance than current solutions with the added benefit of being fully recyclable at the end of life. This step change in performance will be achieved by the development of monolithic thermoplastic composite pressure tanks.
The project will research and develop new formulations of low cost engineering thermoplastic polymers and co-polymers that have excellent hydrogen barrier properties, are low density (resulting in a lighter weight structure) and are inherently recyclable so the product can be broken down and re-used at the end of its service.
Working prototypes will be built and tested to: a) determine the enhanced durability capabilities of the monolithic vessel; b) test the prototype to current hydrogen storage standards; c) conduct a comprehensive life cycle and techno-economic analysis.


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