Industrial CO2 as a precursor to sustainable biomass: reducing energy consumption and CO2 footprint.


The project proposes a collaborative research programme to test an innovative, algae based solution for the significant reduction of large scale industrial CO2 emissions. Represented within the project consortium is a large scale energy generators (SembCorp Utilities UK) and the process industries, including cement production (Cemex UK) and lime production (Steetley Dolomite).
The project has been recently realigned following trials in which the difficulties associated with growing algae to a sufficiently high concentration and at a sufficient rate have been explored. The primary outputs this project now include:-
Further development of lighting arrangements for the photo bioreactor
Site testing of algae performance on actual flue gas
Delivery of a scalable design
Provision of a business model based on project results that will assist with partner decision-making in algae investment.
The project will focus on the use of bioreactors for the growth of algae in order to present outputs substantiated by experimental results.


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