Thin Organic Prototypes Design Research Applications with Enduser Recognition

Lead Participant: Thorn Lighting Limited


Project TOPDRAWER (Thin Organic Prototypes, Design, Research, Applications With Enderuser Recognition)is a 2.5 yr programme comprising a consortium of industrial and academic partners. Thorn Lighting (Lead) with CDT, Tridonic, Pilkington and the University of Durham. The aim of Topdrawer is to deliver a concept installation based on a high tier office environment using polymer oled and led lighting running from a low votage DC grid (SELV); new high performing light emitting polymers; glass coating for enhanced optical out coupling and potentially new anode designs. Topdrawer will exhibit their concept installation in various high profile locations before the end of the programme (30th April 2013).

Lead Participant

Project Cost

Grant Offer

Thorn Lighting Limited, LONDON £910,694 £ 369,314


Cambridge Display Technology Limited, United Kingdom £1,974,117 £ 987,058
Durham University, Durham £172,055 £ 172,055
Cit Technology Limited, OSSETT £78,516 £ 39,258
Tridonic UK Limited, BASINGSTOKE £326,965 £ 163,483
Pilkington Technology Management Limited, CUMBERNAULD £607,025 £ 303,512


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