Enhanced solar energy harvesting in dye sensitized solar cells using nanophosphors and nano-structured optics

Lead Participant: Intrinsiq Materials Limited


Over the last 20 years, photo voltaic solar cells (PV) for power generation has grown an industry that focuses
on getting better materials to more efficiently use the solar energy that is available. With efficiencies
approaching 10%, huge effort has been focused onto improving efficiency by using multi layer materials &
thin film technologies such as DSSC to improve performance due to the huge positive impact they have on the
carbon economy and on their downstream scalability. A previous programme (CONVERT) developed long life down
converting phosphors that could be used in cells and coatings to transfer more of the suns energy into
preferred PV frequencies - in this TSB DSSC Grand Challenges programme, we will aim to take these innovative
materials and develop an optimised DSSC approach. We aim to combine this with enhanced light handling
technology to use more of the suns energy that hits the non converting part of the DSSC which can be up
to 30% of the total area. By combining these two techniques, applicable to all cells, we aim to enhance
the Grand Challenge PV systems and put a the first part of a supply chain in place ready for production
and scale up in the UK.


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