Analysis of surfaces using Redox XPS



Better batteries, better solar cells, better electronics all depend on the control of surface chemistry. The UK is strong in surface chemical analysis, with two out of the three main suppliers of x-ray photoelectron spectroscopy (XPS) machines in the world. However, sales have always been limited by the need for a skilled chemist to interpret the results, skills which are rare and expensive.

Together with expert partners in UK universities we will apply a novel chemical treatment which, when combined with the latest AI methods, will make these machines useable by a much wider range of industries. Early results are very promising, and using the skills and equipment of our partners we can verify and demonstrate the effectiveness of the method across the board. This will benefit especially those in renewable energy fields like energy storage, solar panels and catalysts for green hydrogen production, but also increase added-value in a wide range of traditional industries where the UK is already strong.


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