ROAD Saver

Lead Participant: TRL Limited


RoadSaver will harness the road condition data currently being gathered by highway authorities. The objective is to extract better value from the vast amount of road condition data routinely gathered by local highway authorities to enable them to improve decision making, efficiency, cost effectiveness and value for money in maintaining a vital national asset. The project will address three specific aspects of the problem of extracting meaningful information from the data: developing new methodologies to interpret raw survey measurements to identify parts of the network that are deteriorating; developing more effective data analysis tools to enable the processed data to be used in decision making; and developing new data visualisation and presentation tools to assist strategic and operational decision making.

Lead Participant

Project Cost

Grant Offer

TRL Limited, Wokingham £97,692 £ 48,800


Omg Plc, OXFORD £116,075 £ 58,000


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