The Development and Commercialisation of Novel Antibiotic Compounds

Lead Participant: DEMURIS LIMITED


Infectious diseases remain a leading cause of global deaths. New diseases and the continuous rise of multi-drug resistant bacteria suggest that there will be a continual need for novel antibacterial therapies with superior activity and better tolerance. However the number of antibiotic compounds in development is worryingly small.
Demuris has screened a unique collection of bacterial isolates and has identified three potentially novel antibiotics. This project has developed these compounds from the early stages of discovery through to a point where the compounds can be evaluated for viability of commercialisation and pre-clinical development. The National Industrial Biotechnology Facility has provided the resources not currently available to Demuris and enabled the production of sufficient quantities of purified compounds for testing and development purposes.

Lead Participant

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DEMURIS LIMITED £144,746 £ 86,847




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