Fuel Air Mixing Engineering (FAME)

Lead Participant: C-Tech Innovation Limited


Emissions control on vehicles is becoming more tightly regulated throughout the world to improve the environmental performance. Within Europe, emissions of Nitrogen oxides, hydrocarbons, Carbon monoxide and particulate matter are controlled and tighter emissions limits are set to come into place in 2014 (Euro 6). This step change in the performance requirements coupled with other regulation changes presents a clear commercial need to develop emissions control technologies. CO2 reduction is a key driver in the automotive market fuelled by the twin requirements of reducing CO2 emissions and offering customers reduced fuel consumption in the face of spiralling fuel costs. Work with market leaders has emphasised the need for new technology to address these issues.
FAME introduces the use of a pre-combustion device for premixed charge petrol internal combustion engines (RHK1). The device has been designed to reduce vehicle emissions and improve fuel economy by improving the air/fuel mixture quality before fuel injection into the cylinder. The project will further develop the concept trialled in an earlier feasibility study by one of the partners to improve the reductions already gained and help prepare the technology for market.
FAME is a 2 year Applied R&D collaborative project between three highly innovative companies and guidance from a world leader in automotive engineering. The consortium includes an end-user partner in the automotive industry.

Lead Participant

Project Cost

Grant Offer

C-Tech Innovation Limited, Chester, United Kingdom £133,379 £ 80,027


Bentley Motors Limited, Crewe £112,553 £ 56,277
Csa Group Testing UK Limited, PRESTON £219,952 £ 109,976
Rhk Innovation Limited, MANCHESTER £333,531 £ 152,824


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