2D Heterostructure Non-volatile Spin Memory Technology


In modern society, as the use of information technology is rapidly increasing, it is necessary to develop new non-volatile, faster, and energy-efficient electronics. Spintronic technologies open promising routes to achieve this. However, devices based on conventional materials are still too inefficient for applications in consumer electronics. Here, we propose to develop a new energy-efficient spintronic memory device platform based on emerging atomically-thin two-dimensional (2D) quantum materials for the next generation of memory technologies. The 2D topological spin-orbit materials can generate a giant current-induced spin polarization, whereas room temperature 2D magnets provide the prospective of electric control of magnetism. The proposed van der Waals heterostructure spintronic devices consisting of 2D topologicalspin-orbit materials and 2D magnets will enable exceptionally efficientspin-orbit torque (SOT) functionality with low current densities and ultrafast magnetization switching speed. All-2D multifunctional SOT will provide a strong synergy between spintronics and 2D material and take thisresearch from TRL2 to 4. We will employ novel methodsto control their SOT properties – by the twist angle between the layers, topological aspects, crystal symmetries, proximity interaction, and strong electric field effects. To achieve this challenging goal, this project brings together pioneering and world-leading experimental and theoretical researchers and a company in the field of spintronics and 2D materials in Europe. The ultimate demonstration of all-2D SOT device units will merge the field of spintronics and twistronics, allowing for physical and electrical tuning parameters to achieve enhanced control over the device functionalities. These developments will enable groundbreaking 2D SOT technologies for low-power, non-volatile, ultrafast, and scalable data storage and processing devices and possibly new spin-based computing paradigms and architectures.

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