Prediction, Monitoring and Personalized Recommendations for Prevention and Relief of Dementia and Frailty


COMFORTAGE is a joint effort of medical experts (i.e., neurologists, psychiatrists, neuropsychologists, nurses, memory clinics), social scientists and humanists, technical experts (i.e., data scientists, AI experts, robotic experts) and Digital Innovation Hubs to establish a pan European framework for Community-based, Integrated and People-Centric prevention, monitoring and progression managing solutions for age-related diseases and disabilities. The project’s framework will be empowered by a unique combination and integration of: (i) Medical/clinical innovations (e.g., novel approaches to risk factor analysis and personalized prediction, AI-based medical devices, integrated data sources of age-related clinical evidence, and evidence-based Healthcare Technology Assessment (HTA)), (ii) Cutting edge AI innovations (e.g., explainable AI (XAI), secure AI, serious games, Patient Digital Twins, Virtual Assistive technologies) for trusted, accurate, secure and personalized clinical decision making, (iii) Digital Innovation Hubs (e.g. Smart Homes, robotics and Living Labs) to facilitate and promote research activities in the health and wellbeing domain, and (iv) social innovations for promoting innovative views and co-creating new or improved solutions for assistance and improvement of social integration and interaction. COMFORTAGE will facilitate the integration, harmonization, and management of a host of different data sources, including biobanks, cohorts, medical records, longitudinal observational studies, real-world data about patients, as well of alternative secondary data sources, such as sensors, wearables and mobiles in a standardized structure called Holistic Health Records (HHRs). COMFORTAGE will become a catalyst to help prevent, monitor, and manage progression of age-related diseases and disabilities, especially of dementia and frailty, based on high end research and analysis of the utilization of the aforementioned technologies

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THE UNIVERSITY OF MANCHESTER £1,530,514 £ 1,530,514




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