Leveraging Metadata for Low Carbon Design in CarbonBuzz

Lead Participant: Ahr Architects Limited


The aim of this project is to improve the risk management of the design and operation of buildings by exploiting electronic data created during the design and operational monitoring of buildings. The focus is to create a tool to map the impacts of occupancy and building facilities management on building energy use, enabling designers and occupants to meet project targets for energy consumption.
This comes at a time when building owners and operators are facing higher energy bills, and having to post certificates displaying their actual energy use. Improved energy modelling and understanding of operational energy use can reduce their exposure. This project will develop and trial a prototype tool that can better predict likely energy use and the associated risks to this, making the outcome a marketable product with clear environmental co-benefits.

Lead Participant

Project Cost

Grant Offer

Ahr Architects Limited £111,529 £ 55,765


Chartered Institute of Building Service Engineers, London £5,832 £ 3,499
Aecom Limited, ST ALBANS £61,180 £ 30,590
Building Research Establishment Limited, Watford, United Kingdom £64,573 £ 32,274


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