VE-DRIVE: Virtual Enterprise - Digital Resource Integration, Visualisation & Exploitation

Lead Participant: Jaguar Land Rover Limited


VE-DRIVE is a £1.28m, 2-year collaborative research and development project co-funded by the Technology Strategy Board and the project partners. The 4 project partners from across market sectors and supply chain positions are BAE Systems, Theorem Solution and Holovis International with project lead Jaguar Land Rover, and Project Management support provided by Axillium Research.
Digital tools are used daily to design, develop, produce, deliver and support products for global markets. From the ‘OEM’ and throughout the supply chain there is a common requirement to connect these digital processes to bring products to market, support them, and capture market input from concept through to the in-service environment.
Through this project, the consortium partners aim to generate technology and expertise to connect digital technologies across supply chains and deliver the key innovation of directly linking digital product development approaches to the consumer in new digital and immersive environments. By applying a new generation of connected, digital environments to product life cycle, this project will add value directly at all stages through direct user interaction with virtual information, content and services in digital ‘showrooms’ and wider ‘virtual’ environments.

Lead Participant

Project Cost

Grant Offer

Jaguar Land Rover Limited, COVENTRY £404,473 £ 191,124


Holovis International Ltd, LUTTERWORTH £229,866 £ 121,713
BAE Systems (Operations) Limited, Farnborough, United Kingdom £372,255 £ 174,285
Theorem Solutions Limited, TAMWORTH £301,593 £ 131,812


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