Increasing sustainable protein production from oilseed rape and optimising the use of high protein rape-meal for animal feed

Lead Participant: Yara UK Limited


This proposal aims to increase the supply and sustainability of protein produced for animal feed from oilseed rape-meal by optimising nitrogen (N) fertiliser nutrition for oilseed rape to increase the yield of seed, protein and oil. Objectives include; 1) developing the Yara N Sensor technology to allow foliar N fertiliser to be variably applied to meet differences in crop demand between and within fields, 2) identify the optimum timing of foliar N and 3) quantify through the use of feed formulations the nutritional benefits of the additional protein within the rape-meal for farm livestock, 4) transfer new knowledge and technology to farmers. Innovations will include developing N sensor technology to allow foliar N products to be applied more precisely and quantifying the nutritional benefits resulting from changes in the protein content of the crop which result from crop management.

Lead Participant

Project Cost

Grant Offer

Yara UK Limited, GRIMSBY £211,033 £ 105,500


Precision Decisions Limited, YORK £66,995 £ 33,400
Agrovista UK Limited, Nottingham £56,579 £ 28,284
Adas UK Limited, WOLVERHAMPTON £163,339 £ 81,669
Forfarmers UK Limited, IPSWICH £67,005 £ 33,503


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