Development of protein-rich and starch-rich fractions from faba beans for salmon and terrestrial animal production respectively.

Lead Participant: Ewos Limited


UK production of salmon, pigs and poultry is over-reliant on imported soy protein which has significant sustainability and supply concerns. Using air classification (AC) of UK grown faba beans we will develop two new products to partially replace imported soy. AC is a simple, low cost process requiring no addition of water, solvents or heating and will be used to produce bean protein concentrate (BPC, 56% protein and 5% starch) for use in salmon feeds and bean starch concentrate (BSC, 54% starch and 18% protein) for use in pig and poultry feeds. Dietary studies will assess the scope to replace soy by these products in the three animal species described. Bean varieties with improved qualities (higher protein, lower anti nutritional factors, and traits transferred into winter varieties) will be developed to further enhance the economic value of the process.

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Ewos Limited, LONDON


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