Recyclable Aluminium Structural Casting Alloy (RASCAL)

Lead Participant: Jaguar Land Rover Limited


Structural aluminium alloy castings are an essential part of future Low Carbon Vehicle (LCV) body structures. They are presently made from primary aluminium using alloy compositions that are not sufficiently ductile or compatible with the closed loop recycling of end of life vehicles. Research at Brunel University has demonstrated that a novel alloy composition can meet the Jaguar Land Rover requirements for structural castings in terms of mechanical properties, joinability using self-piercing rivets, and a recycled content of 75% including both process and post consumer scrap. The 24 month project will enable high pressure diecastings for structural BIW (Body in White) applications of the new alloy to be developed at Brunel University and demonstrated on an industrial scale as a function of recycled scrap level. The goal is both a fully UK-based supply chain and significant CO2 savings in vehicle production and use.

Lead Participant

Project Cost

Grant Offer

Jaguar Land Rover Limited, COVENTRY £336,195 £ 86,056


Brunel University London, Uxbridge £220,308 £ 220,308
Innoval Technology Limited, Sheffield £100,013 £ 40,000
Norton Aluminium Limited, CANNOCK £110,155 £ 44,283
Jvm Castings Limited, TAMWORTH £118,428 £ 47,939


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