Grain refiner for high performance lightweight aluminium automotive castings

Lead Participant: Innoval Technology Limited


Al-Si casting alloys have a wide range of applications in the automotive sector. These alloys contain high levels of silicon, which causes large grain sizes. Refining the grain size is crucial to achieve the superior performance castings. Grain refiners used for non-cast aluminium alloys are ineffective in cast aluminium due to the silicon levels. Brunel’s new grain refiner (BGR) provides a much needed solution to this problem. The BGR has the potential to transform practices in the Al-Si casting industry by enabling innovative, cheaper, and simpler casting to produce high performance cast structures. Delivering benefits to a wide range of casting techniques, it should enable castings with superior properties, thereby, allowing aluminium to replace some steel components in the automotive sector. The project aims at applying grain refiner to produce high performance Al-Si alloys cast components for automotive applications.

Lead Participant

Project Cost

Grant Offer

Innoval Technology Limited, Sheffield £113,777 £ 53,750


Jaguar Land Rover Limited, COVENTRY £145,001 £ 45,000
Amg Aluminum UK Limited, ROTHERHAM £61,553 £ 24,313
Brunel University London, Uxbridge £118,928 £ 118,928
Grainger & Worrall Limited, BRIDGNORTH £127,457 £ 45,000
Amg Superalloys UK Limited, ROTHERHAM £6,457 £ 3,050
Esi UK Limited, OXFORD £100,070 £ 50,000


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