Rail Adhesion Monitoring System

Lead Participant: TRL Limited


This project is a collaboration between TRL and Balfour Beatty Rail Technologies to develop a method for identifying low adhesion areas of the rail network, in real-time, and presenting this to network operators in a way that facilitates more effective response to the problems caused by low adhesion. It will build on BBRT’s existing product range by introducing technology and practices from TRL’s experience of road condition surveys and management of infrastructure assets. The availability of real-time adhesion data will enable lower cost and more effective management deployment of measures to improve rail adhesion as well as providing information to assist train drivers maximise the performance within the limitation of the current conditions. If successful, this will lead to considerable cost and safety benefits arising from reduced delay, risk of critical events, and wear to track and rolling stock.

Lead Participant

Project Cost

Grant Offer

TRL Limited, Wokingham £179,161 £ 89,545


Balfour Beatty Rail Technologies Limited, LONDON £101,970 £ 6,472


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