Light-MiLES: Miniature Laser-Illumined Eye-safe Sensors

Lead Participant: Thales UK Limited


The consortium will develop and demonstrate an innovative, compact, low cost and eye-safe active laser-illuminated imaging sensor, capable of long-range operation. The active imaging application presents a significant technological challenge; hence the consortium brings together key technical expertise in photonics, material science, mass manufacturing and sensor systems integration, together with well established routes to market to ensure project outputs are exploited to the fullest extent.

Lead Participant

Project Cost

Grant Offer

Thales UK Limited £278,605 £ 127,237


Gooch & Housego (Torquay) Limited, Ilminster, United Kingdom £331,000 £ 150,937
Glass Technology Services Ltd, Sheffield £152,216 £ 69,410
University of Leeds, United Kingdom £55,198 £ 55,198


10 25 50