CRYOSIS - Cryogenic Machining Systems

Lead Participant: Renishaw P L C


The evolution of manufacturing plays a critical role in the enhancement of modern society. In fact, manufacturing accounts for 50% of UK exports and approximately 11% of total UK GDP. In order to remain competitive new technologies and strategies are required. CRYOSIS has been specifically designed to address a number of challenges facing two key industrial sectors namely, aerospace and medical. Typically materials used in these sectors are termed high performance and difficult to machine. Tool life is short and using conventional oil-based coolants can have adverse effects. CRYOSIS will research and develop cryogenic cooling methods, with the aims of increasing tool life, reduced surface roughens and allow for direct finish machining of near net shapes. The non-technical aims of CRYOSIS are to retain high quality manufacturing jobs in the UK, reduce material and increase the throughput of high performance metal alloy components.

Lead Participant

Project Cost

Grant Offer

Renishaw P L C, GLOUCESTERSHIRE £482,412 £ 151,743


Airbus Operations Limited, BRISTOL £80,231 £ 24,137
University of Bath, Bath


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