TS247-6-axis automated ultrasonic inspection of failure critical peeled bar steel billets


Technical Solutions 24 Seven and Peak NDT are undertaking a collaborative project to develop a novel method for the complete inspection of stage one metallic billets, eliminating the requirement for the pre-inspection machining phase. This project joins the programming and motion control expertise of the Stoke-On-Trent based engineering firm with the award winning Phased Array capabilities of Derby based Peak. The detection of flaws in metallic billets is of crucial importance to supply businesses within the energy and rapidly gowing aerospace supply sector as a result of the critical impact of the installation of inadequate equipment. A successful project will enable the elimination of a considerable cost for producers to these industries by ensuring flaws are detected at the earliest possible stage. This also has positive impacts for supply firms, aerospace manufacturers and the environment - through reduced wastage and energy use in raw material production.

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Technical Solutions 24 Seven Limited, STAFFORDSHIRE


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