Low Cost Electric Drivetrain

Lead Participant: Jaguar Land Rover Limited


Today’s automotive electric drivetrains use e-machines requiring large quantities of rare earth magnets and copper and operate below 15,000rpm. The Low Cost Electric Drivetrain (LCED) project will dramatically reduce the cost of electric vehicle drivetrains through the introduction of innovative technologies allowing higher operating speeds, a clear focus on design for manufacture and the elimination of expensive materials. It brings together the automotive supply-chain (JLR, Tata Steel, Sevcon & GKN) and the results of academic research (Newcastle University) to undertake an optimisation of the mechanical and electrical drivetrain components. This project is critical as the cost of manufacture of EVs and hybrids remains much higher than that of conventional vehicles; this is a significant barrier to the growth of low carbon vehicle sales. The cost savings in the motor, gearbox and power converter along with improvements in system efficiency will help offset battery costs.

Lead Participant

Project Cost

Grant Offer

Jaguar Land Rover Limited, COVENTRY £414,188 £ 97,278


Borgwarner Gateshead Limited, Gateshead £108,521 £ 25,555
Tata Steel UK Limited, London, United Kingdom £270,794 £ 63,635
Gkn Driveline Birmingham Limited, BIRMINGHAM £117,234 £ 27,550
Newcastle University, United Kingdom £652,548 £ 652,548


10 25 50