Flexible Mutiport Converter Development


This project builds upon an existing project which is developing a high efficiency multi-port DC-DC converter for use in hybrid and electric vehicles, aerospace and military applications. Significant cost and weight reductions are being demonstrated by the use of novel circuit topologies and the use of Silicon Carbide switching technology. This project will move the design to a mature technology readiness level with reduced system cost by developing the supply chain for the system, validating the robustness of the components, and optimising the packaging and thermal management.

Lead Participant

Project Cost

Grant Offer

Prodrive Automotive Technology Limited, BANBURY £693,920 £ 272,017


Ist Power Limited, Leicestershire £36,360 £ 14,000
Raytheon Systems Limited, HARLOW £164,296 £ 49,190
The Victoria University of Manchester £150,544 £ 150,544
Scisys UK Limited, Chippenham, United Kingdom £86,500 £ 30,275


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