Near Site, Off Site - affordable near site assembly in Modern Flying Factories.

Lead Participant: Skanska Technology Limited


The project will enable a fundamental rethink of current, cost-prohibitive procurement & construction of Off-Site Manufacture by enabling affordable, Near-Site Manufacture using Modern Flying Factories (MFFs) combined with ICT-enabled technologies. It will build on Modcell’s experience of MFFs in manufacturing buildings from straw bale panels but will look to apply these techniques across a range of materials & construction types. The project will integrate MFF concepts, ICT-enabled supply chain management & process improvement approaches (e.g. RFID, portable 3D technology for supply chain engagement & on-site training) and best practice from other sectors. The outcome will be a lean, supply chain orientated, procurement and construction process for delivering low CO2 buildings at scale. 30% cost & time savings are targetted. The new MFF process will be trialled on a school building programme in Bristol prior to wider roll-out for a range of construction types and processes.

Lead Participant

Project Cost

Grant Offer

Skanska Technology Limited, London, United Kingdom £628,350 £ 300,000


Modcell Ltd, BRISTOL £390,250 £ 189,800
Building Research Establishment Limited, Watford, United Kingdom £330,587 £ 159,900
Swmas Ltd, TAUNTON £100,177 £ 50,000
University of Reading, United Kingdom £49,911 £ 49,911


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