Novel excipients to allow superior liquid antibody formulation at high concentration

Lead Participant: Arecor Limited


Drug formulation has the power to move a product from a hospital setting directly to the home, empowering the patient to control their own treatment. High concentration formulations of antibodies have the potential to shift the burden of outpatient intravenous infusions in the clinic to the use of a ready-to-use autoinjector. Novel chemicals designed at Arecor have the potential to allow such a shift. Arecor has generated proof of concept data showing their ability to dramatically increase the stability of concentrated antibodies. The stability achieved is measured in not months, but years at elevated temperatures. The objective of this project is to examine a wide range of non-clinical toxicology assays of the novel excipients, the effect on further antibody models and to address the problem of viscosity. The aim is to produce a data package for regulatory approval in injectables and facilitate partnerships to allow this technology to reach the market.

Lead Participant

Project Cost

Grant Offer

Arecor Limited, Cambridge, United Kingdom £1,110,410 £ 665,615


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