HiPerTilt - Innovative Aerodynamic Design Solutions for High-Performance Tiltrotor Aircraft

Lead Participant: Agustawestland Limited


HiPerTilt led by AgustaWestland with the University of Liverpool and Bristol will develop world leading aerodynamic models, processes, techniques and new designs/products integral to the design and development of next generation tilt-rotorcraft in the UK. Tilt-rotorcraft offer the potential to revolutionise vertical lift passenger transport by delivering higher speeds, freeing up existing airport ‘regional aircraft’ capacity. These advances will deliver a game changing reduction in design time, an order of magnitude improvement within the UK.

Lead Participant

Project Cost

Grant Offer

Agustawestland Limited, SOMERSET £1,093,178 £ 302,388


University of Liverpool, United Kingdom £352,962 £ 352,962
University of Bristol, United Kingdom £448,134 £ 448,134
University of Glasgow, United Kingdom £47,039 £ 47,039
Leonardo Mw Ltd £489,504 £ 64,887


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