Process, Packaging and Food Waste Reduction using Volatile Biomarker Monitoring

Lead Participant: Monaghan Mushrooms Limited


UK households and industry generate more than 7 million tons of food waste every year, costing around £12 billion. This waste has significant impact financially and environmentally on individuals and businesses alike and there is an urgent need to develop and impliment new technologies that are able to extend shelf life and also monitor freshness. The Volatile-BM project is designed to reduce food waste and improve shelf-life of food products by measuring the volatile biological and chemical markers of freshness and processing, using sensitive sensor- based detection systems. These instruments will enable the food packagers to ‘hit’ the precise point when foods need to be packaged and stored. Thus, food quality will be better controlled, shelf-life and storage of food will be extended up to 3 extra days and waste due to spoilage will be minimised. The entire food manufacturing and processing industry will benefit from the availability of these new innovative detection tools.

Lead Participant

Project Cost

Grant Offer

Monaghan Mushrooms Limited, Langford, United Kingdom £361,090 £ 100,780


University of Lincoln, United Kingdom £74,998 £ 74,998
Produce World (Sutton Bridge) Limited, PETERBOROUGH £39,527 £ 19,601
AHDB Potatoes, Kenilworth £123,990 £ 61,970
Roboscientific Limited, Amersham £365,818 £ 219,491


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