Bioactive predator refuge to reduce waste in apple and pear production & processing

Lead Participant: Worldwide Fruit Limited


A bioactive predator refuge will be developed for use in apple and pear orchards. It will stabilise and enhance populations of natural predators, especially earwigs, which regulate key pests so that pesticide sprays are needed less frequently. Waste and extensive losses in yield and quality both pre- and post-harvest and during processing due to pear sucker, codling moth and aphids, the most damaging pests of apple and pear crops, will be reduced. Earwigs are voracious predators with a high prey consumption rate. Populations vary greatly between orchards and in many orchards they are absent because of inadequate food and shelter. The device will provide these resources at critical times. The earwig's aggregation pheromone will be identified and provided to ensure rapid and sustained occupancy. Encouraging these important natural enemies will help protect the environment.

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Worldwide Fruit Limited, SPALDING


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