Improving efficiency and reducing waste in the beef supply chain

Lead Participant: Anglo Beef Processors Uk


Considerable amounts of fresh beef are discarded before sale and in the home because of discolouration. The subject of waste and improving economic and environmental efficiency in meat supply chains is an area of utmost importance with major opportunities for improvement.. The proposal aims to enable innovations that will increase efficiency in processing and distribution and reduce wastage in the beef supply chain by improvements in eating quality, meat spoilage and increased colour shelf life. The project will adapt a participatory approach from retailer to primary production identifying critical control points which underlie waste in the beef supply chain.

Lead Participant

Project Cost

Grant Offer

Anglo Beef Processors Uk, SHREWSBURY £847,666 £ 165,000


University of Bristol, United Kingdom £204,055 £ 204,055
Sealed Air Limited, HUNTINGDON £30,262 £ 5,450
Aberystwyth University, United Kingdom £452,960 £ 452,960
SRUC, United Kingdom £76,001 £ 76,001
J Sainsbury PLC, United Kingdom £1,021,334 £ 171,993


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