Food Preservation Transit Unit

Lead Participant: Barfoots of Botley Limited


MACK Multiples Ltd. and Onnic International Ltd. have joined forces to develop an ozone generating, point delivery system that will work effectively, in container shepments of fresh produce, to reduce ethylene promoted and microbial spoilage waste.
The interval between loading and discharge can range from 20 to 50 days, with the shipments subject to levels of waste during transit that can exceed 10%. This project is designed to allow the refined development of a small, reusable, ozone generating device that will provide a programmable product specific point delivery levels of this gas withing the distribution outers of the palletised loads of fresh produce within the shipping containers that will sustantially reduce these wastage levels The project will run over a two-year period with an output designed to offer a commercially viable, maintained quality, extended shelf-life system to importers, packers, retailers and consumers.

Lead Participant

Project Cost

Grant Offer

Barfoots of Botley Limited, BOGNOR REGIS £100,861 £ 50,430


Onnic International Limited, Cardiff, United Kingdom £188,770 £ 113,266
M.& W.Mack Limited, TONBRIDGE £30,624 £ 14,972


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