GOSSAM – Generation of Optimal Support Structure in Additive Manufacturing

Lead Participant: 3t Rpd Limited.


One of the ‘dirty secrets’ of Additive Manufacturing (AM) technologies is the necessity of support structures to allow the manufacture of components. Support structures are required to build unsupported geometric features on the part. The reality is that AM does not allow complete design freedom, as supports may need to be built, which cannot be removed post production. Current support software is un-intelligent and un-automated, allowing only highly skilled operators familiar with the AM technology, able to setup a build. This project aims to deliver software that can automatically generate intelligent scaffolds that supply only the support that is necessary, whilst allowing easy removal of both the part and any loose powder. The software developed in this project will move the AM process away from the intuition of a skilled operator, closer to “print from CAD” manufacture.

Lead Participant

Project Cost

Grant Offer

3t Rpd Limited., Newbury £157,665 £ 94,599


Simpleware Limited, EXETER £79,725 £ 47,835
Within Technologies Limited, FARNBOROUGH £73,749 £ 44,250


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