ACcelerated CLAdding and Integrated Machining (ACCLAIM)

Lead Participant: Delcam Limited


Directed Energy Deposition Additive Manufacturing (AM), known as cladding, where a metal powder or wire feed is melted using electron/laser beam or electric arc, has significant advantages over powder bed fusion AM. Cladding offers very high deposition rates, material flexibility, and can be used in a hybrid approach, enabling complex features or different material to be deposited onto an existing component produced conventionally. In the ACCLAIM project Plasma Transfer Arc (PTA) cladding will be employed, offering excellent weld quality, low capital/running costs, very high deposition rates, material flexibility and minimal substrate interaction. Novel techniques will be developed to reduce thermal stress and provide a robust inert gas environment to ensure material quality. Moreover, a machining process will be integrated to enable fully finished components to be produced. This route is not only applicable for new part production but could also offer a very effective repair technique.


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