ProtoDrive- Method for the Rapid Design of Efficient Hybrid Vehicle Drivelines

Lead Participant: Romax Technology Ltd.


The project aim is to develop a process for the rapid concept design of hybrid electric vehicle systems. The process will enable the designer to rapidly perform highly productive investigations at the initial concept design stage of the driveline, i.e. at the time when the greatest influence can be brought to bear on the outcome. The following factors will be considered with speed and ease of understanding: 1. The effect of varying the balance between electric power (motor power from battery energy) and conventional power (internal combustion engine power and fuel energy). 2. The effect of varying the balance of powerflows through the driveline (e.g. series and parallel hybrid powerflows). 3. The effect of varying major parameters such as vehicle mass and drive cycles (legislative and various real-world drive cycles). The consortium consists of Romax Technology Limited, Computational Modelling Cambridge Limited, and the University of Sheffield.

Lead Participant

Project Cost

Grant Offer

Romax Technology Ltd., NOTTINGHAM £250,000 £ 150,000


Computational Modelling Cambridge Limited, CAMBRIDGE £173,780 £ 104,268
University of Sheffield, United Kingdom £140,128 £ 140,128


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