Automated Manufacturing Process Integrated with Intelligent Tooling Systems (AUTOMAN)


AUTOMAN will develop and demonstrate advanced manufacturing processes and novel systems deploying intelligent automation technologies - digitally re-configurable tooling, robotic manipulators integrated with computer vision and artificial intelligence simulation software. The new systems will be for producing high-quality customised 3D functional and complex structural parts of lightweight vehicle body panels, high-performance building cladding facades and large integral components. Through the use of intelligent robotic machinery, the proposed automated manufacturing approach will enable rapid fabrication and flexible processing of large compound or freeform customised components in new advanced metallic alloys and hybrid reinforced composites for cross-sector applications - in short, Lean, Agile and Adaptive manufacturing. Industrial sectors benefitting from this work will include the automotive, aerospace, railways, marine, energy, construction, materials processing and tooling industries.

Lead Participant

Project Cost

Grant Offer

Ultraprecision Motion Limited, WILTSHIRE £149,316 £ 89,590


Whiston Industries Limited, WARLEY £816,866 £ 490,120
Loadpoint Limited, SWINDON £304,642 £ 182,785
Manufacturing Technology Centre, COVENTRY £136,369 £ 136,369
University of Strathclyde, United Kingdom £160,642 £ 160,642
University of Birmingham, United Kingdom £289,884
Mg Motor UK Ltd, LONGBRIDGE £114,963 £ 57,482


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