Augmented Manufacturing Reality (AMReality)


The project focuses on the development of a novel augmented manufacturing reality, which will enable the automation of the design, configuration, re-configuration and use of manufacturing automation systems. The aim is to overlay and integrate digital data (e.g. CAD, Scans, video) and physical data acquired from sensors (e.g. power usage, temperature) into a virtual reality environment. The main objectives of the project to a) create a generic toolkit to enhance servicing and maintenance of automation systems b) combine digital data and physical data to include feedback from the use phase into the design and simulation stages, c) optimise production efficiency and d) decrease set-up times and maintenance downtime. The project consortium consists of a major end user (Ford Motor company), three innovative SME as technology providers for the virtual environment (FDS), distributed sensor integration (i.e. InotecUK) and specialist engineering knowledge (DBR Associates), a major technology provider of CAD and digital data systems (Autodesk) and two major research organisations with extensive experience in manufacturing research, automation systems and virtual reality (High Speed Sustainable Manufacturing Institute and WMG).

Lead Participant

Project Cost

Grant Offer

Fully Distributed Systems Ltd, LOUGHBOROUGH £153,011 £ 91,807


Ford Motor Company Limited, Brentwood, United Kingdom £328,661 £ 4,996
Inotec Ltd, HOCKLEY £200,120 £ 120,072
Dbr & Associates Limited, ESSEX £132,655 £ 79,593
Majenta Solutions Limited, Brentwood £265,465 £ 80,011


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