Q-TB: Rapid, cheap POC diagnostic and drug susceptibility testing for human tuberculosis

Lead Participant: Quantumdx Group Limited


The Q-TB project addresses some fundermental issues in the fight against tuberculosis. Firstly (SPEED & QUALITY) the project will deliver a technology that will enable patients to receive referral standard molecular diagnostic results within minutes, as they wait with their treating physician. Secondly (PORTABLE), if the patient is in a rural loctation, such as a township in South Africa, or in a mountain location in Peru, or in a remote part of Asia with no electricity, laboratory, clinic, or hospital nearnby, the size of the device (approximately the size of a 80's 'brick' mobile phone) and battery operation will enable even a technican or health worker (EASE OF USE) to perform a complex diagnosis. Thirdly (DRUG RESISTANCE), the device can test for many different things at once and this project will develop tests for both diagnosis of tuberculosis and test which drugs will work best to treat the disease. This complex testing system benefits from QuantuMDx's novel and hi-tech nanotechnologies that can perform complex tests in 10-15 minutes, when normally they hours to days, the expertise of Microsens in processing complex samples such as sputum, and the in depth tuberculosis knowlegde and testing experience of St Georges' Hospital, London, WHO TB group at Stellenbosch Univeristy, South Africa and several charities and NGOs throughout the world.

Lead Participant

Project Cost

Grant Offer

Quantumdx Group Limited, United Kingdom £1,751,779 £ 712,674


St George's University of London, United Kingdom £210,588 £ 210,588


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