Development of measurement technologies to increase productivity, nitrogen use efficiency and nitrogen management decisions for grass crops

Lead Participant: Yara UK Limited


Grass yields currently achieved on-farm are less than half of the biological potential for the UK environment. One of the main reasons for low grass yields is the sub-optimal use of nitrogen (N) fertiliser and failure to account for spatial variation in N fertiliser demand within fields. Current methods of estimating fertiliser N requirements are complex and there is no method for variably applying N according to crop needs. This project aims to develop technology used on arable crops (Yara N-Sensor) to measure the N fertiliser requirement of grass crops. This will provide farmers with a simple, automated method of controlling more precisely the amount of N fertiliser applied to their grass crops. The benefits include greater grass yields, greater farm profitability and environmental benefits such as fewer greenhouse gas emissions and a lower risk of nitrate leaching. The consortium consists of Yara (lead & N manufacturer), ADAS (management & research), Precision Decisions (technical), Countrywide Farmers (knowledge transfer), and DLF Trifolium (grass breeders). This complimentary consortium ensures world class technical expertise alongside an effective route for exploitation.

Lead Participant

Project Cost

Grant Offer

Yara UK Limited, GRIMSBY £242,706 £ 121,000


Precision Decisions Limited, YORK £68,831 £ 41,250
Adas UK Limited, WOLVERHAMPTON £156,109 £ 78,054
Dlf Seeds Ltd., INKBERROW £16,616 £ 8,300
Countrywide Farmers Plc., EVESHAM £11,076 £ 5,538


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