SHAWN (Secure High availability Avionics Wireless Networks)

Lead Participant: GE Aviation Systems Limited


SHAWN (Secure High availability Avionics Wireless Networks) aspires to replace some of the wired communication networks used between on-board aircraft computing systems with wireless alternatives. This will bring weight savings and greater flexibility in these systems, contributing to reduced emissions from air travel, reduced fuel burn and less instances of unscheduled maintenance. Wireless technology cannot be adopted however if it compromises safety of flight in any way. Users of commercial wireless technology for home networks are familiar with temporary loss of networks or, worse still, intrusion from users outside of the network. This project aims to address those issues through the use of multiple radio channels (to ensure that the network is always available and not prone to interference from other wireless devices) and advanced security features to prevent eavesdropping and accidental or malicious corruption of data on the network. These are not the only topics to address but this project aligns well with other global activities that, as a combined effort, will bring around adoption of the technology.


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