IVHM-ARRIVE: Open Collaborative Solution for Helicopter Health & Prognostics

Lead Participant: HELITUNE LIMITED


Building on its successful KTP, the consortium is looking to integrate the concepts of health monitoring with cloud-based computing, crowdsourcing, data mining & prognostics, with the aim of extending the benefits of Integrated Vehicle Health Management (IVHM) to the mass helicopter market.
The primary technical innovation of this project will be to 'ARRIVE' - Assimilate, Relate & Refine, Interrogate, Visualise and Exploit - datasets from multiple operators in the user community who are having to deploy various aircraft types across different roles, usage and operating environments throughout the world.
Key innovations are to: 1) deliver a cost-effective IVHM service, lowering barriers to entry for smaller operators; 2) provide an IVHM-ARRIVE marketplace to enable start-up IVHM solution providers to enter the domain.
Project benefits include improved collaboration within the supply chain through access to a common IVHM framework; integration of IVHM data into business decision-making; automation and intelligent systems to minimise reliance on human factors; reduced maintenance costs and improved aircraft availability.

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