Power Electronic Inverters & Capacitors - Future Systems (PEICAP)


In PEICAP (Power Electronic Inverters & CAPacitors) Safran Power UK (lead partner) will work with Industrial Capacitors Wrexham Ltd and the University of Oxford to optimise the use of passive filtering and other components on aircraft electrical power systems.

Safran Power UK are a Tier 1 aerospace supplier, providing equipment and controls for aircraft power systems on a variety of civil platforms.

Industrial Capacitors Wrexham Ltd as a supplier of specialist capacitors.

The University of Oxford Materials Departments are a globally recognised research centre in material science, especially in relation to electronic applications.

Lead Participant

Project Cost

Grant Offer

Safran Electrical & Power UK Ltd, Pitstone £529,064 £ 264,532


University of Oxford, United Kingdom £339,905 £ 339,905
Raytheon Systems Limited, HARLOW £159,170 £ 79,585
Industrial Capacitors (Wrexham) Limited, WREXHAM £131,817 £ 79,090


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