MultiPass - an integrated multi-interface platform for smart ticketing to provide seamless multi-modal travel and increased revenue collection

Lead Participant: Tedipay (UK) Ltd


MultiPass is an 18 month, collaborative project which will implement an integrated, low-cost multi-protocol smart ticketing & digital uber-wallet platform. MultiPass will provide seamless multi-modal travel for passengers & tourists, together with reduced Opex and increased revenue collection for transit operators. MultPass will integrate several proven technologies (incl. ITSO, EMV, NFC, cloud TVM & BLE) into a single end-to-end platform, which will comprise low-cost, Easy and cheap to install, station-based BLE beacons, cloud-based server/services & passenger-carried form factors. MultiPass will uniquely solve key transit operator & DfT problems: Capex & Opex reduction via remote delivery & validation of ITSO-compliant tickets; improved fare collection, capacity utilisation & customer experience via ‘virtual gating’, ‘cloud TVM’ and 'fares virtualization'.
Project lead is an SME: TEDIPAY (UK) Limited. Project partners include SME organisations (GuestLogix Europe Limited, Ecebs Limited, General Information Systems Limited, Global Travel Ventures Ltd) & academia (Centre for Transport Studies @ Imperial College London), plus rail operators (Abellio Greater Anglia & Strathclyde Partnership for Transport) as access to field trials, stations and end-users and in market advisory roles. Mike Burden (ex-Consult Hyperion) is engaged as an assistant project manager.

Lead Participant

Project Cost

Grant Offer

Tedipay (UK) Ltd, OXFORD £1,007,909 £ 604,745


Guestlogix Technologies Limited, BRACKNELL £149,381 £ 89,629
Ecebs Limited, SWANLEY £145,351 £ 87,211
Global Travel Ventures Limited, OXFORD £218,530 £ 131,118
Imperial College London, United Kingdom £73,666 £ 73,666
General Information Systems Limited, Haslingfield £156,593 £ 93,956


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