Hafren - High Voltage Lateral Bulk CMOS FETs


Hafren will develop novel lateral MOS-based high voltage (HV) devices (Vbr>1kV) to replace oversized and inefficient vertical MOSFETs in a range of applications including medical, consumer electronics (AC/DC converters) and LED drivers where high blocking voltage and low current drive is required. When compared to vertical MOSFETs, these lateral devices will be 6 times smaller with up to 10 times lower capacitance and extremely low leakage currents (<100nA @125C). This will significantly reduce power losses in the system, reduce cost and system footprint resulting in a compelling product. Lateral devices will be based on CMOS technology permitting monolithic integration with other external components (diodes, gate drivers, protection circuits), enabling realisation of more compact lower cost solutions with improved efficiency. The lateral design with all terminals on one side of the die will enable simpler product assembly process, leading to cheaper and more reliable end products. Novel flip-chip solutions for Chip-on-Board assembly of lateral HV devices will also be developed, which will, coupled with 6 times smaller MOSFETs enable further product miniaturisation.

Lead Participant

Project Cost

Grant Offer

Microchip Technology Caldicot Limited, Bristol £147,163 £ 73,582


Cambridge Microelectronics Ltd, CAMBRIDGE £250,277 £ 150,166
University of Cambridge, United Kingdom £100,543 £ 100,543


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