Advanced Electrical Machines Technologies for Aircraft (AEMTA)


AEMTA (Advanced Electrical Machines Technologies for Aircraft) is a large R&T project, led by Safran Power UK and working with an extensive supply base of companies and academic researchers addressing high performance and environmentally robust electrical products.
If successful, the results will establish the UK for future supply of advanced high added-value products for the More Electric Aircraft concept.
Manufacturing specialsist are: FGP Precision Engineering Ltd of Dorset, MEP Ltd from Kent, Midland Tool Design Ltd from the West Midlands and Arnold Magnetic Technologies Ltd from Sheffield.
Academic researchers University of Newcastle and University of Tees-side will contribute in technical areas where they already have solid expertise – novel electrical machine tolpologies and environmentally robust electrical conductors respectively.

Lead Participant

Project Cost

Grant Offer

Safran Electrical & Power UK Ltd, Pitstone £3,422,731 £ 1,698,359


Midland Tool and Design Limited, WEST MIDLANDS £150,029 £ 86,833
Mep Ltd, AYLESFORD £508,728 £ 272,983
University of Teesside, United Kingdom £321,840 £ 321,840
Newcastle University, United Kingdom £312,782 £ 312,782
Fgp Precision Engineering Limited, BIRMINGHAM £135,100 £ 81,060
Arnold Magnetic Technologies Limited, SHEFFIELD £618,873 £ 309,437


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