Hand held imaging fluorometer for measuring and optimising spray deposits


A hand held device that measures spray deposits on crops so that they can be rapidly quantified by spray operators in the field will be developed. This will enable spray operators to determine and optimise sprayer performance e.g. according to crop structure, growth and weather conditions, as well as quality assure spray applications and check for off-target contamination. Spray deposits from best practice spray applications will be benchmarked in a wide range of UK horticultural crops at different growth stages. Business opportunities are 1) sales of the device to the mass market of spray operators, consultants and researchers in the UK then worldwide 2) improving sprayer performance for the UK producer and marketing organisation partners in the project and whose grower members are leading UK horticultural producers. They will set new standards of best practice for spraying UK horticultural crops, and this new technology will readily transfer throughout agriculture and horticulture.

Lead Participant

Project Cost

Grant Offer

Berry Gardens Growers Limited, Tonbridge, UNITED KINGDOM £82,815 £ 41,408


Avalon Fresh Limited, Peterborough £79,771 £ 47,863
East Malling Research, United Kingdom £131,916 £ 131,916
G's Fresh Limited, Ely, UNITED KINGDOM £69,683 £ 34,842
Chelsea Technologies, Surrey £307,036 £ 181,612
East Malling Services Ltd., WEST MALLING £50,633 £ 30,380
Househam Sprayers Limited, LINCOLN £75,384 £ 45,230
Niab. £149,012 £ 149,012


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