PIC – Production Pipeline in the Cloud


PIC is a two-year project to develop, demonstrate and evaluate technologies and workflow for creating and manipulating professional quality digital media in a cross-platform production pipeline that harnesses the resources of the Cloud. Local resources and Cloud processing will be combined in much more effective ways than presently possible in order to help restore the economy of the VFX industry and provide new opportunities for smaller players, as well to support the largest scale transmedia productions, by eliminating the need for risky, upfront capital investment. The project will advance the state of the art in Cloud-based media technologies, improve collaborative workflow across production stages, remove bottlenecks caused by limitations of geographic location and availability of computational resources, and deliver a new range of tools and PaaS opportunities. The partnership brings together the UK’s leading VFX software developer, The Foundry, and the UK studio of globally renowned creator of digital VFX, Industrial Light & Magic. The Foundry will commercialise results and create open APIs that allow third parties to extend the system.

Lead Participant

Project Cost

Grant Offer

The Foundry Visionmongers Ltd., London £758,813 £ 455,288


Industrial Light & Magic (UK) Ltd., LONDON £752,606 £ 376,303


10 25 50